Sunday, June 1, 2014


I fished a very weedy and shallow swamp today with topwater lures for bass. Although I got hits and hooked up, I didn't land one bass. I somehow managed a sunny on a texas rigged Brush Hog. I set the hook on a small hit and a Bluegill came flying out of the water. Another surprise came as the lure hit the surface after a cast. Up came a prehistoric head, and a clap was audible. A snapping turtle had just eaten the lure. It didn't take long for him to chew through the line. I decided to leave, but a commotion stopped me. A mother Wood Duck and her two babies were the source. Immediately after my looking up one baby disappeared is a splash, no doubt it had become food for a sizable bass. It was not long before the second was taken in the same fashion. Mamma flew about, desperately calling for her lost babies. Nature is crazy and violent, but I love it!


  1. Too bad for the wood ducks, they are always a pleasure to see. circle of life poor mama

    1. I was tempted to try to save the last baby if it wasn't for the damn snapping turtle.

  2. So sad...... Gram