Thursday, June 19, 2014


Today I did something that, for a bit, had me disappointed in myself. I used spoons and spinners. The hot producer was a Phoebe, Metallic Perch color. A C-P Swing also got some action. The stream was one I had consistently been out-fished by a friend using spinners.

I lost one on the first cast. It took a lot of pools before I hooked and lost another. I eventually got my first of the day. I realized it to actually be my first trout on spinning gear EVER.  For my first year targeting trout I used a spinning rod, but shortly later was given a fly setup. All I had caught on spinners were Salmon Par and Chubs. Therefore that Brooky was my first fish of the trout persuasion on a fly, although it is technically a char. My next fish was a big boy who was hanging out by a beaver dam. I managed a few of his comrades too. The last fish was pulled from a long glide and took several times before being hooked.

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