Sunday, June 29, 2014


Yesterday evening I went to a little pond to catch some fish. I went carrying both fly and spinning rod. To fish the pond effectively where I started my evening one must wade. I was watching a bubble trail when it came into the lilies in front of me. I assumed it to be a snapping turtle and was ready to abandon ship when I saw the tail of a large common. Being as it was two feet in front of me I was powerless to turn and grab my fly rod, already rigged with a carp fly. I had to wait, very patiently! Unfortunately it noticed me one way or another and swum away quickly.

I eventually got one Pickerel on a soft plastic before deciding to stick it out with flies. I managed a LMB on the carp fly, and a SMB on a popper. He was only the second of his kind I have caught in that hole.


  1. So one fish thought he was catching a frog? All pix are great ! G. in FL

    1. That is generally one purpose of a popper. The other is to imitate a frantic bait fish.

  2. They sure like your bugs. Nice pickeral. I love to catch them. Did you get rain?
    Fish on...