Friday, June 6, 2014


I biked out to the Salmon River, partly for exercise, mostly for some chunky trout. The first was nowhere near chunky. I cast a Parachute Adams in an eddy and was rewarded with a dainty sip. The fish was dainty too. I think it might be wild.

Changing to a Caddis Pupa, I was able to get into some better fish, the first being a chunky Rainbow. He wasn't a hog by any means, but put the Wonder Rod through it's paces with a couple good runs (right at the end of the fight, they were what tired him out.) I love it when any fish takes some of my hard earned line. The next Rainbow was better sized but not as strong. The next two fish were browns, the last of the day being the best.


  1. I would say you had a great day, well worth the ride. A beautyfull river!!!
    Fish on...

    1. It is gorgeous, to bad it hardly ever produces wild fish.