Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Browns, Brookies, and Tigers

Went out to a small wild trout stream today to do some catching. Luckily a lot of catching was done. As the Veery sang and Fish Flies flew, I pulled out plenty of healthy wild Brown Trout and the occasional sluggish stocked fish. Out of probably twenty to thirty trout ranging from three to ten inches long, only three Browns and one Brooky were stocked. They did the typical week head shaking, run-less, jump-less fight of a smaller sized stocked trout. All the others flew and pulled, even the ones that could have been eaten by the stocked fish gave me a harder time.



Stimulated Stocker

The last two Browns were particularly acrobatic. Dry flies that were eaten most today were the Royal Wulf, Stimulator, and March Brown. The latter was the fly I had on when I heard some load slurps in the tail of the pool I was fishing. I looked and saw the rings. Two casts later I let the fly skate and a good fish took. It was fighting strong or it's evident size. When it came close enough to see my jaw dropped, for at the end of my line was a Tiger. The state only puts Brook and Brown Trout in this stream. Of course with both some interbreeding is possible, and this was the proof that it has happened. 

I continued upstream catching plenty on dries. On the way back down I used a streamer and got the last two stocked fish.


  1. Enjoyed this armchair angler visit with you -- especially the Tiger pix ! You sure do know this fishing business. Happy Birthday -- wish I could see you in person, as in the early years ! Gram

    1. Thanks! Love the Polarized Glasses.