Sunday, June 15, 2014

Small Stream Bluegill and Sucker

Today I went out to a small stream intending to get some wild trout. I fish this creek once in a while and sometimes catch trout. In fact my last trout of 2013 came from one of it's pools. Using a small yellow marabou streamer I did well today, although none of the catches were trout. Big fat bluegills chomped the little fly regularly, in one pool on almost every cast. Then I hooked something big. At first I was really excited, hoping I had nailed into an enormous wild brown. Then A sucker showed itself, hooked near the tail.After half an hour I was bored and let that persistent guy break free. I wish I would have been able to land him.


  1. Beautiful 'Gills! Wish we all could have seen that sucker, bet he was big.

    1. Indeed, if only I had brought a net.