Thursday, June 26, 2014

Low, Clear, and With Picky Fish

I went out and fished dries on my favorite wild trout stream today. A lack of rain has led to the stream being low and very clear. At times like this even these trout, which normally throw themselves at big dry flies with reckless abandon, can develop a damnable snobbery. Particularly the bigger Browns I cast at refused most dries. I was still able to pull some very nice wild fish, and one stocker, out of the (thankfully still cold) little creek.

I used many different patterns. This was mainly due to the fact that I had run out of floatant. Each time a fly got to water logged, I tied on a new one. Fish were caught on a Humpy, Elk Hair Caddis, Goddard's Caddis, and a new tie I have yet to name.
The new fly, slightly frazzled from it's encounter with the largest wild trout landed today.
The first take was on a Red Humpy. It was a very loud gulp of a take. The hook came free when the plump wild brown jumped. I fell to my feet and cursed a bit. It is rare to encounter such a nice trout in a small stream, and it was disappointing not to land it and see it's colors. Luckily it would not be my only chance, as many colorful and spirited fish would come up to eat.

On the way back downstream, I saw a good place to put a marker. I'll see next time if it is still intact.

Farther down I put in a few last casts in the Bridge Pool. A stocked Brook Trout and a Bluegill ate the new pattern. 


  1. wow, your water is low. We should send you some of ours. You did well anyway.
    FISH ON...

    1. It would be appreciated. Ha ha. next forecast rain is Wednesday.