Friday, June 13, 2014

Big Streamers and Spinner Falls on my B-Day

June 12th. Another year of my life complete and gone. How to celebrate my surviving these years in the woods. Go to the woods and catch something. I had already gone to Cabelas to purchase some flies and tying materials, so I decided to test one of my purchases. The sky was overcast and it sprinkled every once in a while. I stood in the river and tossed a huge articulated streamer Around a big rock. It was eventually taken by a fair sized Rainbow.

Although a toad of a Brown Trout chased my fly twice, the next thing to eat my streamer was a drowned tree branch. Bye fly! 

After screwing around with all sorts of flies, catching one Brown, and watching a big snapping turtle climb onto a rock, the light began to fade and a spinner fall materialized.

I put on a brown quill spinner, size eighteen, and lost it three trout later. By that point I pulled out the nearest pattern that I could see in the box, which happened to be a size 16 caenis spinner. I caught one and missed who knows how many trout with it. I ought to try to get back out their and catch that fall on my next birthday.

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