Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dry Flies and Manors

Today I had plenty of time to go out and fish. I chose the Salmon River. Although I spent most of the day using nymph, I only caught fish on dry flies. The first few pools were the last ones in the fly fishing only section. A big streamer didn't take any fish there. The next location was the long pool bellow the Rt. 16 bridge. In the tail of that pool were some steady risers, three of which I landed. One on an Elk Hair Caddis, on on a Sulfur Dun, and one on a Red Tag.

I then moved up into the midsection of the management area. I was almost alone, casting to one unwilling riser. A little button head buck slowly made his way along the opposite bank. I was happy. Then a well dressed young man stepped in right behind me, causing a tidal wave that put my fish down for a while. He then placed himself fifteen feet upstream from me. Downstream was 200 feet of space, upstream was probably almost a mile. He then started putting downstream drifts right into the area I was clearly targeting. I was disgusted, but decided to just move downstream. There I was bored with dries that should have but didn't work, and I tied on a size ten stimulator. It was eaten up by what had seemed like selective fish. Although I lost or missed quite a few, a nice Brown and a Brook Trout came to hand.


  1. Sorry a thoughtless person intruded on your space, but you chose the mature and intelligent path by moving on without confrontation. Another compelling word portrait, RL -- Thanks for sharing! Gram

  2. So lame... I dont understand that mentality... but, I'm glad you went and had fun and enjoyed your trip regardless! Way to go!