Thursday, July 31, 2014

Farm Pond

I had to catch something today, and I figured a late evening walk to the nearest farm pond would suffice. I tied on some 5x and a little deer hair popper. It got me one Bass and one Bluegill, the two main species in the pond. I the changed to a cicada and got into a big Bluegill. The last dries I used were drake patterns, and they were eaten by more small fish Seeing a big of commotion from big fish I changed to a stronger tippet and an articulated streamer. It wasn't long before a good fish took and was lost by way of a lame hook set. It wasn't long before the streamer picked up another bass, though. Both fish took when the fly was sitting on the bottom, nose down. The take was just like that of a soft plastic, a gentle lift followed by the line going out.

Farm ponds are always great. They often have plenty of fish, and some are big. If you are looking for fun, you needn't always look far. (and then again, I've gone pretty far for 4 inch Native Brook Trout) That farm pond is practically in my backyard.


  1. I remember that pond, and what a great day it was. That looks like the same bass I caught. Great pics.
    Fish on...

    1. Thanks, those bass have grown in 2 years! They are now getting quite big. Doesn't take long in that pond.