Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall on Some Small Streams

 If you asked me where I'd like to be on any given day in the fall I'll answer "on the stream". In the summer and spring the answer will very, in the winter it will generally be anywhere with open water. But in the fall there is no place prettier than a river. Small streams in particular are stunning in this season, but I would be just as happy on the Farmington or Housatonic as I am on Roaring or Fawn Brook. If you are knowledgeable of CT streams you probably know that there are multiple streams by those names. I have fished all of them and only a few are worth the trip. Find that out for yourself.

Today I didn't fish any Roaring Brooks or Fawn Brooks, but the streams that I did fish were small and stunningly gorgeous. And fishy as hell. The last time I visited the first stretch I fished today was three two years ago around the same time of year. I remembered seeing some big trout and catching lots of wonderful salmon in the 8-14inch range. This time I didn't run into any of those, but in a nice pool I cast the Ausable Wulff in front of a tree's root ball. I twitched it once, then I twitched it again, then a big fish came up and sent spray into the air. I was surprised when the fish that came to hand was a rainbow in fine condition.

That was the only taker on the Wullf, so I took the advice of a wise friend and tied on a small Horneburg.

On the fourth cast with the streamer, I got another surprise! Smallmouth are rare this far up the watershed. I spotted a few others today, as well as a largemouth that looked far to big to be a river fish.

The Horneburg also brought to hand some beautiful fallfish.

On my walk out the weather was changing. Clouds were rolling in and a passing shower showed itself on the adjacent ridge.

The next spot is one I regret not fishing more often, it is home to some wonderful wild browns. Also, a beaver has set up shop there. He allowed me to get surprisingly close to him, within five feet. Despite being a beady eyed rodent, beavers have always struck me as being intelligent. This one had methodically used rocks in his dam, which I confess I have never seen before. Unfortunately, after catching a few shiners and getting a large brown to take a peek at the horneburg I had to leave. I'm looking forward to spending time o some streams soon that I have been avoiding in the drought conditions, for the fishes sake of course. Stay dry this week friends, of course I know full well I won't be following that advice. I have a new pair of waders coming and I have to test them out, right?


  1. That is one beautiful rainbow. The color and fins show it was there for some time. It's raining now and more predicted for the end of the week this should make for better times on the small streams. Good choice of flies.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm sure he knows the river, he's even got the darkened colors of a spawn-ready rainbow.

  2. Nice fish and wildlife. The color is coming on as the season is changing. The color of that rainbow is awsome. Nice trip on a beautiful creek. Thanks!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thanks!
      It was a gorgeous fish, no doubt about it.