Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week of Mouse: Day 6

I quit.

Today was rough. For starters, I forgot my hat. May as week have left the reel or something else at home, without the hat the trip was bound to be a unsuccessful. I had gone too far to quit though, so I jept my game face on. The river was gorgeous. Fog made me feel like things might work out. Then the first ten fish I hooked either came loose or broke me off. That is ridiculous. I landed a 35 lb carp on the same tippet and same knot before, how were a bunch of smallies coming unbuttoned? I worked my butt off for a couple of little bass and panfish. I honestly did not have fun. I could have been throwing streamers and big dries on lighter gear and killing it, but I wasn't I decided to cut my losses. I'm cutting Week of Mouse short. I may use some mice tomorrow, but I'm not spending all day doing it. Frankly I want to do a bit of nymphing and streamer chucking, not to mention some brooky-ing.
I guess the biggest takeaway this week was that mice work, but there is a time and a place to use them. Only one day this week really made it worth doing, the day I slammed the really nice chain pickerel. I could have had a much better week if I was carrying even just one other fly pattern. That's the biggest takeaway, really. Don't limit yourself too much. And if I ever try a stunt like this again, I'm using an articulated streamer of some sort!

Trico Spinner Fall


  1. Hay, don't feel bad, The weather was great and you were on a beautiful stretch of water. Yes, we do get attached to our hats, but as long as you had the rest of your gear you were on track. Mousin, I really liked the idea!!!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. I'm not complaining so much as just making a point. Go prepared or don't go at all.