Friday, September 18, 2015

Week of Mouse: Day 5

Panfish on Mice

Tonight was rather interesting. I spent a while catching absolutely nothing. Then, when it got completely dark, the spillway of the dam I was fishing became a hive of activity as panfish began gorging on whatever was there to gorge on. For whatever reason the bluegills in this pond are abnormally aggressive. When I spin fished regularly I often caught them on big top-water plugs, so it was no surprise to catch them on a big mouse. The surprise I did get was a crappie! Every once in a while I've had them come up on foam spiders or poppers, but I was not expecting one on a mouse. It was big enough to undo my knot (it's easier to make mistakes in the dark) but fortunately he landed on the ground and I got both fish and fly back. That about sums it up. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for the mice, I'm planning on covering some mileage and fishing a few different rivers.

I messed around with the camera for a while and managed to get some interesting photos.

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