Saturday, September 12, 2015

Snapper Blues Till it Hurts

I spent a while fishing in the harbor today. The three weight and a large assortment off small streamers were subjected to the brutality and violence of bluefish, although in a small scale.
It took a lot to get this guy to let go of my finger. 
 The action came in waves as schools moved through. The fishing was fast and furious. If I didn't move the fly fast enough the bluefish did not take. Often it was hard to set the hook because the fish would take it and just keep going. When I had a two fly rid on I had one take the trailing fly and keep right on going and got both hooks in his mouth. I also had two snappers on the same fly for a moment. There was also ten minutes during which the number of fish I caught exceeded the number of casts I made.

Snappers blues were not the only fish caught, however. You can probably imagine my surprise when a little common carp took my fly. With the departure of the tide some rather tiny white bass also showed up.

By the time the snapper blues had departed my stripping arm was sore, my hand was covered in scales, and I had a bunch of little bites on my hands. What fun!


  1. Saltwater always has something to offer. Surprises and more surprises.
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

    1. Thank you,
      This isn't quite salt water, which means it is even more prime for surprise!