Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week of Mouse: Day 2

Today I chose to throw mice in some moving water. Trout and smallmouth were the target species, though I was expecting more in the bass department. The water is higher and cooler than it was, and in the last  light of the day I was surprised to get more takes from brown trout than smallmouth. Both have very distinctive takes, and I was getting a lot of the deep gurgling takes that signify a big brown has eaten. I messed up A LOT. I had countless opportunities to hook up, and I only had one bass on briefly. I really need to work on my strip set. I have a little bit more time for that, of course.

I visited one spot that is a weird place that nobody ever visits but is home to some monster brown trout, a 60 yard long tunnel with a pool and weir system in it. I had one huge trout detonate on the Morrish Mouse the moment it hit the water, but it did not reach my expectations. Even after nightfall when trout were popping every cast, I could not hook up. I think my problem was that most of the fish were too small....


  1. Glad to see the salmon pushing a little better flows. I suspect maybe some brook trout are seeking refuge in it right now with the low streams. Also, I am happy to hear that there are still a good amount of trout left in the river and that they survived this summer (assuming they haven't begun stocking again yet). That mouse sure did produce it's fair share of hits, so your fly of choice is definitely working. That mouse looks a little easier to cast than my mouse flies because when it gets wet it looks like it retains water and weighs more almost like a big streamer.

    1. It's still low, better though. The Morrish Mouse is my favorite so far.

  2. This is going to get interesting! You will learn about your fishing technique with that one tie. Mice come in all sizes.
    Looking forward to todays adventure!
    Tie, fish, write and photo on...

  3. I love sound of fish eating at night. Something awesome about waiting for the sound of an eat and not seeing it happen. Good stuff!