Wednesday, July 2, 2014

After The Storm Broke

-This post is nature related but not fishing related-

I love foul weather, some of which we had today. A line of severe storms crossed into Connecticut and then fell apart over my head. It was very dark out before the sun was even close to setting.

After the rain I went outside. Sunset started. Briefly visible was a very faint Rainbow. 

The cloudscape was gorgeous but not my purpose for being out. There is a nearby spot inhabited by Gray Tree Frogs (Hyla versicolor), and they had begun to sing. With much time spent observing and searching for these and other amphibians, it is a wonder I haven't bee able to photograph one in it's singing post. Most I see are yearlings the come to the pane glass door and window when the outdoor light is on in September, usually after or before rain. Somehow in the thick brush I was able to find a mature frog, sitting with his throat sack inflated. No doubt he was surprised to see a giant pointing a bizarre flashing device at him. Try as I might, I could not get a photo that fit my satisfaction, so I left him and went on with my evening.
The best I could do.


  1. That first photo is awesome.
    We got some heavy storms here in Central CT. Lots of rain.

    1. Thanks. And we are under the same threat again today.

  2. Enjoyed the pics. The rain would have been good for the fish.
    Fish on...

  3. Beautiful photos. The third one is my favorite.

  4. The clouds in the first and third are awesome. I do like the frog, even though you weren't happy with it.