Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swans, Bunker, and the Skunk

I was out today traversing the shoreline. I did some fly fishing, although I was unfortunately shore-bound. While driving on the lookout for spots to stop some swans were found. They made for some good photography.

The first fishing location was at the mouth of the Connecticut River. The carcasses of osprey killed Stripers gave me some hope. I spent a while fiddling around with assorted patterns. then the Bunker Blitz began. I have some big menhaden patterns, but was well out of casting range. I could only watch the carnage unfold, and frantic bunker leaped and were knocked around by Blue fish and Striper. What I would have done for a kayak!

Then the position change was made and the location looked promising for snapper. I didn't get any though. Next time. I might be in Rhode Island tomorrow. Who knows what I'll find there.