Monday, July 14, 2014

Some Small Stream Fun

Today I went out to hunt for Wild Brown Trout. I reached the stream. It was low, but there were billions of midges about and plenty of dimple rises. I had left my midge box at home. I tied on a size 20 black caddis and sat eating an apple watching me chosen fish. I finally got a good drift over him and he took. the fight was brief and he got me into the branches and broke the 6x. Oh well, there were more rises in the next pool.

Then it started to rain. That put off the midges, so I changed to a caddis larva. It took a bit of working in the tight pockets that make this stream, but I was able to land a couple of pretty trout. 


  1. I fished this stream early yesterday morning before the rain, must have just missed you. Happy hunting. -weightforward

    1. Probably, I have yet to ever meet another angler in that section. Glad to hear someone else is enjoying it too. It is a gem.