Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yakin Again

I finally got back out on the water to throw big flies for Largemouth. I spent a short time on Moodus reservoir. Dragonflies were all over, and Bass and Panfish were jumping for them. Luckily a popper was just as welcome.

I also tried a big articulated streamer to dredge some big bass off the bottom. I had some hits, but the only catch was a yellow perch. When I landed him I made the mistake of dropping him, and the trailing hook of the fly snagged a very precarious part of my shorts. All was saved with a quick cut from a pocket knife. 


  1. Nice catch. Is the water getting warm? I went out on Sunday and caught 2, 8 inch bass... Nothing big was interested. I will try again soon.
    Fish on...

    1. Enough to push the bass into there normal summer pattern. Most of the bass I got were in that size range, the big ones are pushing deep.