Monday, July 28, 2014


Today I spent a good chunk of time in the Long Island Sound on the kayak. Part was spent unsuccessfully prospecting a ledge for big bluefish and striper. The rest of the time I was catching a snapper on every cast in the Four Mile River. They wouldn't touch anything that was going less than mach speed,  I was catching on a shrimp skated on the surface and a small spoon retrieved just under the surface. The fish were small but fun none the less.


  1. Snappers are the best on light fly gear... flies can be as simple as white buck tail and lots of crystal flash. They tear them up pretty quick... so super glue your thread wraps. The drag on my 4wt reel just died today, so i guess I'm off the small streams for a while until I can ship it to Freeport to get it fixed.. -weightforward

    1. Thanks! That stinks, hopefully it is a quick fix. I keep neglecting to send my favorite rod in to get fixed. At least I have a backup.

  2. This was an interesting adventure. Salt water is a differant experiance.
    Fish on...