Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sight Fishing

I went sight fishing for carp this afternoon. It seemed that it would be the least strenuous fishing I could do. Those who sight fish know It takes a little bit of moving around and lots of careful observation. I tend to watch a fish for a long time until I dump a fly near it. Today I had a hard time. I saw the first bubbler a half an hour in, and the first tailing fish another hour later. I manage to get one good cast in front of that fish, but it went uneaten  While I was photographing a tailing fish, another came up and 'kloomped' some unfortunate mating pair of damsels. They were all over the lily pads, and bluegills had been eating them.

Although I didn't hook into a poor man's bone fish, a couple of bluegills kept the skunk away.

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