Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bass All Week

When my friends and I reached the lake, signs were very promising. In the light of the afternoon schools of bass were seen cruising. In the evening there was an incredible caddis hatch that led to every species in the lake eating bugs: Bullheads, Bass, Bluegill, and Carp. We could never get in range to cast to these fish, but managed very well on both surface flies and lures. Also some were landed on soft plastics, rapalas, and spinnerbaits.

On the first morning a gold mine of bass was discovered casting spinner baits from a very brushed in shore. The numbers started to rack up. That evening we found another spot, a rock where the water depth dropped dramatically. There we wacky rigged and got some good ones, although the whole week we would only get cookie cutter fish, 11-15 inches. Every single one.

For a while the fishing was consistently mediocre. I fished with whatever I had. I caught some on Bunny Leeches and the occasional buzz bait hit. Then one morning We awoke before dawn. Using flashlights, we chose a spot. I then proceeded to catch like mad on that buzz bait.  It was unbelievable action. Almost every cast lead to a hit or a fish. Some jumped clean out of the water for the lure. After totaling up to 40 fish so far all five days I switched to fly use only. I sight cast to schools to top the score off a bit under sixty, what I call a good week of Bass fishing.

I had a great time. Thanks to Dalton, Colbe, and Simon for joining in the adventures. Some time next year?


  1. Sounds like a great adventure! G. in FL

  2. Happy to see you had a great time with friends in a beautiful spot, even if the fishing started out "cookie cutter" style.

    1. Nothing wrong with it, the average size in this lake is big compared to most. Food is plentiful!