Sunday, July 13, 2014

Works in Progress

Today I spent some time on two small streams, both fishing and improving conditions. I cleaned up trash and cleared undercuts. In the second stream I cleaned out an old dam to allow fish to move upstream. Although only one has a fair population of native trout, they join in a water meadow. The trout-less one has suffered from industrial pollution, and a large population of sunfish and chubs are inhibiting the growth of wild Brookies in it. I fished for those and left then on a game trail with coyote tracks. If it were anywhere with bigger trout every one would be released, but both species limit the carrying capacity of the stream. If I work at it I might be able to save it.

The second stream has a good population of Brook Trout, but is a mess. I moved large metal debris and tires into a depression. There were two undercuts that needed a good cleaning. I also excavated and dammed a small section to form a deep plunge pool. I was the tasked with moving fingerlings that were stuck in a small (and getting smaller) spring seep that was no longer connected to the stream. They move into that seep every spring to avoid predation by their parents. By August it will be no more then a stagnant pool, twenty feet from healthy habitat. I also spent a good while examining insect life. There was a good populating of caddis, and a few mayfly nymphs mixed in. All in all, this stream has potential to be fantastic.


  1. You are a true sportsman. Those precious streams and thier criters are better for you being there. Way to go...