Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tight Quarters Carpin'

I went carp fishing today in a brushed in pond. I had to use small stream tactics to approach and present flies to feeding carp. Unfortunately I was not met with success, despite getting some good presentations in front of feeding fish with very productive flies. When I couldn't find feeding fish I cast a Heddon Torpedo with the spinning rod. Surprisingly the only fish to take it was a dinky bluegill.

A Big Weedfish

The Definition of Over-Ambition


  1. Oh the mind of a bluegill... They can be a pain. Or a lot of fun on a 2wt with 6x and a micro popper! We need rain to bring the water level up a bit.. The bridge pool and the other one with all the graffiti seem to be the only places holding large trout right now.. I miss "picking the pocket" behind boulders and such with a stimulator... I have work for the next few days so I doubt I'll get out again until Wednesday. Keep and eye on tr stream for me... -weightforward