Friday, December 12, 2014

A Brooky in the Snow

I had both the time and the light to fish a little this evening, albeit very little. I made tracks to the nearest native trout stream and went to work with the rig I had left together from Sunday. In the chosen stream the water was higher than usual, and this made it a little harder then usual. In fact, I didn't actually pull anything out of an actual stream. When I failed to get any takers in the whole fisheable stretch I decided to try a deep pool bellow a culvert that drains a small marshy area. I got a taker immediately, and it surprised me as being clearly more than an inch long! After a few more casts I brought a very pale colored native char to my frozen fingers. That was all I needed and I was thoroughly satisfied.


  1. Nice catch! The water looks good. I guess you are out there today throwing the line. Hope you catch a bunch and don't get frosted.
    Fish on...

  2. Cliff,
    Thank you, and of course I was.