Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to Ruin My Day

You could pump all the water out of the pool I planned to fish in order to put in new culverts.

I had been expecting this construction, but I was none to happy about the timing, or they way it was done. They whole stream bellow the construction destruction was the color of chai tea with cream. It was pretty miserable. all I can hope for is that every fish in the pool wasn't killed in the draining, and that the runoff does no harm.

I tried to fish upstream but the conditions made it no easier. The water was high, and in the best pools up there whirpools and conflicting current form. This time of year the last thing you want is your weighted fly and line zigzagging all over, ruining the chances of strike detection. I Think I had one take, that is all. The weekend might find me happier, and in a place with less of this annoying civilization stuff.


  1. Sorry to hear about the construction. It can be brutal, but most critters will figure it out and survive. That stream is so beautiful.
    Fish on...

    1. I know brook trout figured out what was going on, but I worry the hadn't the time to leave the area, or only went under rocks and were killed when the pool was drained.