Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sticking to Streamers

I went out after the rain this morning to check out my local carping hole. I was rather disappointed by the lack of activity. No jumps, no bubbles, no tailers. I tried for a while to get into a bass or pickerel but that didn't happen. I regrouped at home and hit the river with all the streamer gear I could possibly need. It turns out all I needed was one streamer and  my normal trout set up.
Yes, I know the handle is cracked. I plan to make a new one shortly.
I got a hit on my first cast. That fish never came back. I moved. I got two more hits. I moved again. Wham! A much better hit, followed by a flash. That one was a lot bigger! But he wouldn't come back either, so I moved again. I worked a big hole for a while, and finally at the tail a dull pull signaled the take. Although the fish was quite big, I made quick work of it. It was about twenty two inches, fat, and very ugly for a brown trout. I let him go hoping by the spring he will have grown those fins back a bit and gotten some color. 

As I went back downstream the sun was coming out and a fog hung over the river. Though I didn't catch any more fish I was enjoying the unseasonable temperatures.


  1. Nice trip and a good catch. That streamer looks soo good. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. Thank you...
    Fish on...

    1. It certainly isn't lasting any longer!