Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hoping for a Good Weekend

I've had time only to spend the night shift in the woods, as I will be tonight. I haven't been fishing, but just soaking in the fresh air and nighttime animal sounds. Ever been in the woods on a cold night an late November and heard coyotes kick into song just out of your visual range? It is a stirring experience. I highly recommend it.
Longer days make fishing all the time easier.


  1. "Now that is a sunset!" Thank you for the visual and sound experiance. I will be out there tonight listening for something...
    Fish on...

  2. Yes, have heard coyotes on two different mountains along Camino de Oeste (the Road West) near Great-Grandpa's house outside Tucson. Then answering howl from the Mexican wolf the Sunday family has next door. Absolutely haunting refrain, when their calls interrupt
    a sound sleep. Thanks for sharing!

    - G.

    1. I'd imagine the sound travels better there.

  3. I have experienced the coyote calls in the night and they can be beautiful and very scary at the same time.
    Great photo.