Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Good Day of Brookies and Another Unexpected Brown

Alrhough it would be cold today, it would be sunny. I knew right away I was going to have a good day. I fished the Bridge Pool first. A worm pattern carefully probed the depths but I walked back up the dirt track without having caught a fish. No worries, there were other options.

The first thin blue line I checked would not give, but the next was very generous. I was using a bead head Something-or-other wet fly, an it was being taken with vigor by the natives. One smaller fish struck me as being one of the most beautiful I had ever seen.


Another beauty retaining the fall colors.
On I went to another stream, one that I have fished twice successfully but looked to fishy not to hold natives. I hiked a couple hard hilly miles to get there, and after half an hour things were looking bleak. I hadn't seen any signs of life. Then I found a deeper step pool that just looked good. If there were fish in the stream there would be some here. Within a few drifts I had a taker, and the native that came to hand was quite unique. He had a mouth like a grayling!

Fortunately for me this pool wasn't done, and one more surprise was pulled from the depths. A wild Brown! Of all things, I was worried there wouldn't be Natives, but there is even enough water in the summer to support these bigger fishes. I kept going upstream only to find the stream turn spring creek like, with brushed in banks. Good water for dries and wet wading in the spring, but fairly useless now. I know I'll be back on this stream!


  1. Looks like a good day ! Thanks for sharing....

    - G.

  2. Looks like a Spring day. Nice catches. Guess they are staying in the pools for the winter. Great day in the woods. Thank you for the trip!
    Fish on...

    1. Thank you.
      That's what you can expect this time of year. Fortunately they stack up like logs in these pools and you can get them fairly easily once the fly is in the right zone.