Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Non Fish Catches of 2014

In my fishing adventures I do catch plenty of animals other than fish. Some of these are caught on the flies, others by hand. Others are just observed from a distance. Regardless I love biology and it is great to see and work with all sorts of reptiles, amphibians, insects, and whatever else comes my way. It is another aspect of fishing that some ignore.

There are plenty of others, I could spend days on this topic. In particular, this was a good turtle year. Turtles are a very interesting reptile and I am very fond of them.


  1. Really enjoyed these images, especially the owl peeking through the leaves, the 3 turtles on a river rock, the prehistoric looking turtle on the moss and ....I just loved all of them. It's wonderful seeing the world through your eyes.

  2. Thank you, and look closely.... There is fourth turtle there! :) I hadn't noticed him either.