Monday, December 15, 2014

Those Strange Discussions With Fishing Partners

I'm very lucky to see my best friend and veteran fishing partner on a daily basis. He is a hell of a character.
The last time we fished together was in August, mainly because he was injured in a four wheeling accident, and partly because he isn't much of a trout buff. Regardless when we are around each other the topic of discussion is only occasionally fishing. When it is, it is typically an argument. When it isn't, it still tends to be an argument. We are both vastly different and that leads to some funny discussions. Today, along with another friend, we discussed a mess of science. Mainly the result of swinging a ten million mile long pole like a baseball bat. Obviously it is ought of the realm of possibility, but we are past that. I think it would either bend or disintegrate, Dalton thinks space would expand around it to the effect that it would be going slower then it should mathematically be, and the other guy thinks it would simply tear a hole in space-time.

Other times, while in kayaks on mediocre fishing days we have strayed into even more unusual topics. I'd rather not elaborate.


  1. What is that square shadow object up there?

    1. A leaf much closer to the camera than the others.