Friday, April 26, 2013

Wild Browns and Owls on X Creek

(1/30/2018- This post contains examples of very poor fish handling. Use it as an example of what not to do. Thank you, 
R.M. Lytle)

After opening day, I can finally indulge in the wild fish of my favorite stream. X Creek has a beauty so far unmatched by any other trout stream in the near vicinity. I was lucky and hooked several fantastic browns on my mono-body nymph pattern. As I traveled back downstream, I was even more lucky to observe a barred owl close enough to get pictures. I was overwhelmed by its stare. I have never once seen such an inquisitive bird.

This wild jewel came from a pool that nearly always produces

Very few can claim to know the colors of a trout until they have caught a wild fish such as this.

 The owl quietly observers from a birch tree.

The clean water of the stream holds many a secret. A monster may be lurking just behind that rock. Or, as was the case, a little salmon parr.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

About Me and My Favorite Pastime

I am a small stream angler who moved from Pennsylvania to Central CT. Although I can mostly be found fishing small waters for wild trout, I fish the big waters in my state occasionally. I also appreciate stalking bass, pickerel,  and panfish on the fly. I tie my own flies and actively observe the rivers I fish.

this small wild brooky wandered into the Salmon River from Dickinson Creek. The poor thing jumped and smashed into a rock, and didn't survive. I took him home and gave him to a friend.