Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Fish

I spent the last week hunting a loner carp in a small mill pond. It escaped me time after time, spooked or  was simply unwilling to eat my flies. I have feed the fish corn, dog food, and bread. I was concerned that I had finely found my match. I'd never had a singular fish allude me for so long. Today I decided to chum corn again and fish both a spinning rod with a corn fly I tied using flexament and yellow chenille. I crept up to the pool in full camouflage and quietly pursued the tailing fish. Watched as it slowly edged closer to my fly. As it appeared to get to the right spot,  The rippling of its tail suddenly stopped, and I set the hook. The big fish heaved its fat body and plowed away at speed. I slowly eased it in. A two and a half foot carp on 3x tippet is not to be messed with or horsed in. After avoiding multiple obstacles that the carp could have tangled in, I glided the beast to shore.


Roaring Brook Wild Trout

Roaring Brook is a wild trout management area. It is a beautiful freestone stream, with many deep plunge-pools and log runs of pocket water. I spent a recent morning hunting for some of the streams residents. In the lower part of the stream I was successful only in hooking fallfish. When I reached a part of the stream that descended a significant elevation and changed to a prince nymph, I hooked into two brown trout. The first was in surprisingly hard water, the second in a plunge pool.

 Beautiful scenery here.

Fat, healthy fish!

Smallmouth and Perch in a Mill Pond

There is a small mill pond that I like to fish. It has slab crappies, perch, pickerel, bass, and a lone carp. I headed over for an evening's fishing with small streamers and was not disappointed.

 Fun little fish.

The pipe at the left is very good structure to fish around.

Small Fishes on the Fly

I decided on a whim to go out to do a spot of fly fishing in a small stream near my home. It is a primarily warm water fishery until it is released from several dams. I had an enjoyable time catching hard fighting little bluegills and redbreast sunfish. This is a nice spot when all I have to work with is a half an hour of fishing time.

 Nice redbreast.
A promising pool.

Smallmouth and lost Carp

On a nice afternoon some time ago I headed over to a small channel feeding my local lake. I know it to be a good feeding ground for big carp, and also good for smallmouth. I caught several bass before a big common showed up. I put on a fly I created combining a tellico wet fly and bead chain eyes and flicked it a few inches to the big fishes right. I had no chance, it broke the leader with one head shake.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lake Pocotapaug Bliss

The past few days have seen me stalking almost everything that Pocotapaug has to offer, from bass to carp. The first day was spent in a white perch blitz with a fish a cast on a small bugeyed crayfish streamer. This good fishing continued for an hour and a half. I even hooked two smallmouth during the action. The next day was spent chasing bass in pickeral in a small side pond that connects to the lake. Several fish were landed. In the evening I observed a beautiful spinner fall in the shallows. Today I took advantage of low water levels and chased tailing carp in the flats from my kayak. When I finally hooked one it smashed through my leader after a powerful run. It sounded like a startled swan taking off. All in a weeks fishing on the lake.....

 This is a fly similar to the ones the perch took. this very fly was lost to a big card today.
 Nasty bare feet and my warm water fly rod.
 A fiesty little smallmouth.
 A can't resist the colors of a yellow perch. They are so beautiful.
 The white things are spinners.
Sad fly line. It lost it's big fish.

Stocked pond With Some Surprises

I spent a recent evening at a friends pond that he stocks with big trout. It also has a fish ladder so that native brookies can enter it from downstream. I hooked into one big brown of about 17in and a 15in brooky before only catching (to my delight) natives. Flies used included a Hairs Ear nymph and a Goddard's Caddis.