Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Guide Trip Reports

 The day after Thanksgiving I had Trish and her father out for a Rhode Island trout trip. The conditions were pretty good to get fish to chew, though I'd found the late season to be a bit difficult on these waters. The flow was just where I like it, and with cloud cover to help improve the bite I figured we'd have a good shot. Our best bite window ended up happening late in the day when the water temperature peaked; not at all atypical in the late season. Trish hooked two very nice rainbows, one of which got the slip, and a stunning wild native brook trout. The Ausable Ugly got all the action. Thank you, Rich Garfield!

Only one client jumped on my Black Friday deal for a broodstock Atlantic salmon trip! Mike got a pretty day for early December, but the wind was howling. We powered through it and were able to effectively cover water. I had him fish a Butterfly, a Sugarman Shrimp, an Ally's Shrimp, a Mickey Finn, and a Sunray Shadow.  Why all the fly changes? Well, we moved a whole bunch of finicky salmon. Unfortunately those salmon were shy to come back, even with resting and fly changes, and only a couple actually made contact at all. Despite the fact that we didn't get a salmon to hand, Mike left the trip with a new set of strategies and a better understanding of where salmon might hold in a river. I was just glad to have a client move a bunch of fish on the first trip I've guided for broodstock salmon. 

Yesterday, my client Brian and I had the perfect December day for small stream fishing. He wanted to focus on reading water, so I took him to a varied and typical CT freestone and a smaller brook trout stream. I did my best to impart as much of my small stream holding water knowledge and how to approach it, and in the process Brian caught a whole pile of beautiful little wild brown trout and brookies, with a holdover rainbow in the mix as well.

So far it's been a great late salmonid season! I've got tons of open dates and the long term forecast shows a lot of very mild weather ahead, so whether you're interested in broodstock salmon or trout there is a lot of opportunity coming up. Shoot me an email at brwntroutangler@gmail.com to book a trip!

Until next time, 

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  1. Congrats on your guide service. With your fish catching knowledge, I know you will do well.

  2. It's a delight to see your natural talent for sharing knowledge flowing in a new direction. All best wishes for your venture!