Monday, July 26, 2021

Electric Summer Walleye

 We've obviously had a lot of rain this summer, more than we've had here in a long time. Some of it has come along with some beautiful night-time light shows. I've been interested in chasing severe weather for far longer than I've fished, and this season I've had some good chases and some busts. Notably last week I made a very poor forecast and missed an incredible supercell. A few nights, though, I've been able to stay at home- the storms came to me. One night- just after the tropical remnants -I had a pretty good show just to the north. I did kinda poorly behind the lens but didn't go completely empty handed. 

Another advantage of big rain is a slight improvement in summer land-based walleye fishing. Overall, summer is a poor time for getting walleye on the fly locally. Heavy rain can lead to a quick reprieve though, drawing walleye into shallow water for a short time. As the lightning activity declined that night I made my way to a reliable walleye spot.

The fishing was slow,. Dreadfully slow. Even in March I get pretty good bycatch, usually. I was surprised to go a half hour without a take from any fish of any sort. Then along came a long snake of a walleye to make my night. 

Walleye are sneaky little bastards, often making their way in and out of the water, I can reasonably expect to catch them on fly in mere hours. It has taken a pretty long time to dial places in well enough to be able to catch them almost on command. They are very habitual though, so once I was able to determine patterns it got much easier. That goes for most fish, though. Take that into consideration when you have a successful outing. It is probably repeatable. 

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  1. I would say you did very well behind the lens and your rod.